With a wink of the eye, and the tongue in the cheek and a bit of nudge-nudge, ducks wander the streets. Marchin’ in the urban puddle. Quackin’ on modern beats. Wobblin’ like they just don’t care.

Wearing contemporary graphic stuff. Designed for those young spirited minds. Boy quacklings and lady ducks. Le cool sh*t. Le freak. Geek. Chic.

Founded in 2019 by the Antwerp designer Olivier Troost, Duck Marskal offers a cheeky wardrobe that blurs the boundaries between both mainstream and alternative. Looking for its own zeitgeist. Punk’d. Funk’d. Junk’d.

Duck Marskal also offers a platform for like-minded creative ducks. We are always on the lookout for creatives who want to collaborate, who want to design a collection, who want to create stuff.